“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better” Albert Einstein

During the summer of 2015, a highly-motivated 5-person team visited the Arctic Circle to explore, survey, photograph, and sample caves of Northeast Greenland for the purpose of climate-change research. This much-needed record of past climate change will be the first of its type from caves of Greenland, and will contribute significantly to our understanding of long-term climate change in Greenland and the Arctic by covering a time period that is out-of-range of the Greenland ice cores.


FIND OUT MORE HERE ON THIS WEBSITE, about why and how the Northeast Greenland Caves Project  undertook the expedition and will conduct the research. Throughout the project, we will keep you updated with all our latest developments, and hope that you will enjoy following our adventurous story of science and exploration.

As the evening sunlight arrives, Mark Wright and Gina Moseley walk along a ridge bathed in sunlight towards Chris Blakeley stood upon a large lump of rock. In the distance and beyond Chris, Christoph Spötl stands in blue in the middle of the righthand entrance to The U-shaped cave. The giant scree slope, the largest of all the scree slopes of rocks the team endured on this expedition drops away in the middle of the cliff face, providing the access they needed to get into The Crystal Palace - Panorama of 9 portrait images 24mm