We’re absolutely thrilled to be able to share this new short film with you on our 2018 expedition to East Greenland. Yes, it has taken a little while to get together! Anyway, it is now finally here and available to watch on you tube or below.

We hope you enjoy the film. It’s been great to look back through the footage and to remind ourselves of that special and unique journey. One thing that struck us was the isolation and remoteness both in the middle of the ocean and on that tiny beautiful peninsula in East Greenland.

“In the summer of 2018, three members of the Greenland Caves Project embarked on the EAGRE18 (EAst GREenland) expedition. The target was 70’N on the Wegener Halvø peninsula of East Greenland. Tipped off by field geologists who had worked in the area, we went in search of caves and samples for past climate change research. To reduce the carbon footprint of the expedition, we partnered with the Top To Top Global Climate Expedition (TOP to TOP Global Climate Expedition) and sailed between Iceland and Greenland.”

Filmed by Robbie Shone (Robbie Shone Photography) and edited by Martin Hemingway-Moseley (Hemingway-Moseley Films). Entirely shot on GoPro 6 and DJI Mavic 2 Pro.