It’s been a busy couple of months here at Project HQ. The crowdfunding campaign came to an end just before the New Year and reached a whopping £12,237.  Thanks to everyone that supported us! Unfortunately, because we didn’t reach the full target it meant that we didn’t receive any of the pledges. Nevertheless, it was great to see all the support and to receive all the exposure. We can’t thank everyone enough.

Following the crowdfunding campaign, several businesses and associations came forward with a significant amount of financial support. These included: National Geographic Society, Celestial Green Ventures, the Mount Everest Foundation, the Wilderness Award, and the Quaternary Research Association. We’re now a lot closer to reaching our target and several supporters of the crowd funding campaign have been in touch to see how they can still donate to the project. We’ve now added a paypal donation option to the website and will be happy to honour the reward packages that were on offer with the crowdfunding campaign.


In addition to the fundraising, Gina has also given the first Northeast Greenland Caves Project public lecture. The host was the Lake Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists (Minnesota, USA). The Fellowship invited Gina to give a talk after finding out about the project and supporting the crowdfunding campaign. The audience were really great. They asked lots and lots of questions, meaning that a 45 minute talk ended up being a good deal longer! Great stuff!!! Here’s hoping that there will be many more public talks in the future.