Today marks the beginning of the 6-year 1.2 million euro funded FWF Start project. We thank everyone who has supported us on this journey so far, without you we certainly wouldn’t be where we are today. The next six years will be challenging but exciting, and we are very much looking forward to unravelling the climate history of Northeast Greenland.


Northeast Greenland is one of the areas of the world most sensitive to climate change. (a) Average winter (Dec,Jan,Feb) surface temperature change during the last 50 years (GISTEMP Team, 2016; Shepherd, 2016). (b) Change in annual mean 2m air temperature between 2080–2099 and 1980–1999 in Representative Concentration Pathway (RCP) 2.6 and (c) RCP8.5 (Koenigk et al., 2013). (d) Change in annual mean precipitation between 2091–2100 (RCP8.5) and 2006–2015 (Bintanja and Selten, 2014). Location of study site (SS) for this project is indicated.




The 2015 expedition team in The Crystal Palace with Grottedalen in the background
L-R: Robbie Shone, Christoph Spötl, Chris Blakeley, Gina Moseley, Mark Wright
Photo: Robbie Shone