We are delighted to announce that project leader Dr. Gina Moseley has won the 2015 Wilderness Award for the expedition to Northeast Greenland in the summer of 2015.

wildernessThe Wilderness Award is given to an individual who intends to undertake an unusual and adventurous objective in a geographically remote wilderness area. Gina’s team plan to visit Kronprins Christian land in the far northeast of Greenland with the aim of exploring, discovering, surveying, photographing, and sampling caves for construction of the first climate record from caves in Greenland.

Wandel_Sea_mapGina is honoured to be given this award, which will be shared amongst the whole expedition team and will help substantially with the overall expedition costs.

Following the expedition, Gina will give a public lecture as part of the 2015/2016 Wilderness Lectures. The lectures began in 1987, and since then a colourful collection of wonderful photographs and great stories from adventures all over the world have been presented to audiences in Bristol, UK. Subjects range across the great adventure sports, like Himalayan mountaineering, as well as the full spread of minority sports and madcap activities; long distance walking and cycling, canoeing, trekking, ballooning, diving, caving, rafting and sailing all feature in the Wilderness Lectures.  A full list of past speakers and their presentations can be found here.

Centrum So, Kronprins Christian Land. Part of our adventure involves crossing this 10-km wide lake in an inflatable boat. Photo ein_benjamin, Google Panoramio (tinyurl.com/mj72g6u)
Kronprins Christian Land. Photo ein_benjamin, Google Panoramio (tinyurl.com/k489bf3)

The Wilderness Lectures are currently in the middle of the 2014/2015 programme which looks something like this for the coming months.

7.1.15 – Stewart Mcpherson –  Britain’s Secret Islands

21.1.15 – Rory MacLean – Back in the USSR: Heroic Adventures in Transnistria

4.2.15 – Andy Cave – ‘Miner to Mountaineer: travels in the Himalayas and beyond’.

18.2.15 – Monty Halls – Dive Mysteries

4.3.15 – Martyn Farr – Into The Pupu

18.3.15 – Michelle Blaydon – Steep Skiing in Baffin’s Remote Arctic Fjords

Further details can be found on the Wilderness Lectures website and the Facebook page.