The expedition took place during the summer of 2015. Thanks to Clive Johnson, polar explorer and winner of the Polar Medal (2001), we had a fabulous plan in place for undertaking the expedition and maximising research whilst we were there.

We landed on a small air strip in Northeast Greenland, close to the southwestern end of the c.20 km wide Centrum Sø (80.15°, -22.55°). From here, we crossed the lake in an inflatable boat to the eastern shore where we set up our main base camp. In order to reach the caves containing the deposits of interest, we then trekked over difficult shattered terrain for three days. We spent three days at the caves (80.38°, -21.74°) collecting samples, and then retraced our steps back to base camp and across the lake.

During the expedition, Project Leader Gina Moseley led the scientific assault, Clive Johnson acted as the local expert and guide, Robbie Shone documented the story of the expedition, Mark Wright and Chris Blakeley offered support and technical caving expertise, particularly with regard to entering caves located in cliff faces.