Polar Film Fest

pfflogoWe’re a bit late putting this post up – ooops! Nevertheless, we are delighted to announce that our short film was featured in this year’s Polar Film Fest as part of the theme Climate & Connections. Continue reading

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Outdoor Women’s Alliance Post-Expedition Feature

Thanks Outdoor Women’s Alliance for yet another great piece on the Northeast Greenland Caves project! This time, Catherine DiSanto reports on the story of our expedition. To read the full article, please visit:
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Carbon Offsetting


We would like to thank Go Balance Ltd. (formerly Celstial Green Ventures) for offsetting the carbon emissions produced during our expedition to Greenland during July-August, 2015. Continue reading

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Short film featured on National Geographic #bestjobever

National Geographic have published a short 2 minute film about our work in Greenland as part of their “Best Job Ever” series. We’re honoured to be included alongside people doing such great work out there.



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Radio essay for BBC Radio 3 – the short and long versions


BBC Radio 3 invited Dr. Gina Moseley to write and record a creative essay for radio on the subject of our expedition to Greenland.  Gina, who hasn’t done any creative writing in over 15 years, agreed to take up the challenge and really enjoyed it.  A shortened version of the essay aired on Wednesday 9th December, 2015, as part of the Northern Lights Cornerstones series.

To hear the shortened version, please follow the link to BBC Radio 3.

To read the full version, please continue below…. Continue reading

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Short film of the expedition

Thank you to everyone who has and continues to support us, we couldn’t have done it without you.  Here is a short film of our expedition during the summer of 2015. It isn’t quite the full story (as is the nature of producing a short film), but nonetheless, we hope that you enjoy it. We certainly did! If you’d like to get the full story, Gina will be giving a Wilderness Lecture on 17th February, 2016, in Bristol, UK, and eventually we will publish an expedition report. Thanks again.

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Short film coming soon

Our short film will premiere at the Kendal Mountain Festival on 21st November, 2015, in the Petzl Underground Session. Be great to see you there!



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1950s US army rations

At the end of our expedition we were stranded for a few days due to bad weather along the east coast of Greenland (though at our location the weather was really beautiful). Whilst we waited, Chris Blakeley made a fascinating find. It was an old US army ration pack stored in the shelter of some rocks.  The little green tins had best before dates of 1955.  Of course, curiosity took over and we opened one up.  Take a look at the short film below to see what we found inside.

National Geographic have also covered this story on their food blog, Plate.

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Presenting the Project…

Presenting the work of the Project and perhaps more importantly the scientific rationale for the Project has always been high on our agenda. During the last few weeks, Gina has given three presentations to three very different audiences. In such instances, it isn’t just a simple case of presenting the same lecture three times over. Continue reading

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6 weeks on…

Gina presents to the staff and air cadets of 2152DF Air Training Corps squadron

It’s been a busy 6 weeks since we returned from our expedition in Greenland. Robbie’s mosquito bite scars have nearly healed and he has been promoting the project through our various social media channels (see links to the right). Thanks to his great photos, our followers on Instagram have now increased to over 18,000! Last weekend Gina gave two presentations about the expedition: the first to cavers at Hidden Earth, the UK’s annual caving conference, and then the second to cadets aged 13-20 at 2152DF Air Training Corps squadron. Both experiences were really positive, and whilst the cadets may have learned how to make their rucksacks lighter for Duke of Edinburgh expeditions, they didn’t think much to the freeze dried food!


Gina introduces the cavers at Hidden Earth, the UK’s annual caving conference, to the expedition and the wider aims of the project.

GreenlandCaves_2015_RM_RobbieShone0527We have also started receiving preliminary results from our project partners. The Quaternary Research Group at the University of Innsbruck have analysed the oxygen and carbon signal for each of the samples, whilst the University of Minnesota have run pilot samples for dating. Initial results look very promising, and we will now move to high resolution studies.

SAVE THE DATE: 17th February, 2015. As recipient of the Wilderness Award, Gina will be giving a lecture in Bristol, UK at 7.30 pm in the Chemistry Lecture Theatre, University of Bristol. Further details here.




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